Bootstrap Simulation and Two-Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation: Dealing with Variability and Uncertainty, Mixture Distributions, Measurement Error, and Censored Data

AuvTool is a software tool for statistical analysis of variability and uncertainty associated with fitting parametric probability distributions to data sets. It was developed for the Office of Research and Development(ORD) of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle, NC.

Purpose of this Project

The purpose of this project is to develop, evaluate, and refine a user-friendly module for the EPA Stochastic Human Exposure Dose Simulation (SHEDS) model. The module incorporates appropriate algorithms for assigning or fitting statistical distributions to model input for quantifying variability in the data, and features the use of boootstrap simulation for quantifying uncertainty in statistics for the data or fitted distributions. However, as a stand-alone tool, AuvTool is also generally applicable to quantifying variability and uncertainty in risk assessment, emissions estimation, and other quantitative analysis fields.

Date added to January 2003
Pub. date from document: 2002