Identification of Animal Ingredients in Dietary Supplements Database

RTI, under contract with FDA, constructed this database on dietary supplement products sold on the Internet that contain animal ingredients. These ingredients are of interest because of the possibility of transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).


This database is in Microsoft Access format [5.3 MB].

For each product, the database includes information on the product and brand name, web site where the product is sold, manufacturer, product form, dosage, package quantity, price, claims, and ingredients. For animal ingredients, the ingredient amount and form, animal type, and country of origin are also given.

Final Report

The report provides an introduction to the database and describes the sources of data and how the database was constructed, the structure of the database, and how to use the database. Some summarization of the data is also provided. [516 KB] February 2004

Date added to February 2004
Pub. date from document: August 15, 2002