EcoSure 2007 Cold Temperature Database

EcoSure, the food safety & quality assurance division of Ecolab, has updated the 1999 Audits International cold temperature database. In addition to an updated data set, the new data help determine whether changes have occurred in cold temperature storage practices of food both in retail establishments and in consumer homes.

Data were collected on cold temperature storage of products in the following areas of retail stores: Ice Cream, Frozen Food, Dairy, Lunch Meat, Deli Counter, Fresh Fish, Fresh Meat, and Prepackaged Deli. Additionally, data were collected on product temperatures during transportation to the consumer home and 24 hours after being placed in consumer home refrigerators/freezers.

These data include: demographic information for each respondent, location (state, city) of retail facility, specifics of each product sampled, details of transportation from retail to consumer home, and temperature of specific products 24 hours after being placed in consumer home refrigerator/freezer.

EcoSure 2007 Cold Temperature Report  [202 KB]

EcoSure 2007 Colding Temperature Data  [1 MB]

EcoSure 2007 Cooking Temperature Data  [224 KB]